My first introduction to kinesiology was a chance conversation with my sister who attended an expo, where she was exposed to a 10minute introductory session.  She was hooked and booked subsequent sessions to help her unlock some issues.
I found Karina on the internet, looking specifically for someone accessible.  I needed help moving on from a situation that kept repeating patterns.  The first session was traumatic.  I found myself in tears - detemined to push through it.  I left feeling shaky, but committed that this alternative therapy will work for me.  It did.  Four sessions later, I had lost 13 kg, had a new look on life, and moving on to a successful life.  I still attend top up sessions once or twice a year to rebalance chakaras, to refocus my assembly point, or just to keep in touch with the new lessons Karina has updated herself with.  Kinesiology is empowering, uplifting and supportive.  It is amazing to see how much your body knows about how to heal itself.
Thanks Karina