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Hi, My name is Karina, and I am a Specialised Kinesiologist with 2 international diplomas in Kinesiology. To know more about me click here.

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About Kinesiology

Kinesiology - the science of energy balancing

Kinesiology is a holistic way of detecting and correcting imbalances in your body’s energy. Where, as the result of injury, emotional trauma, nutritional or other unresolved stress, the energy flow (meridians) is interrupted, the whole body is affected.

The exact nature of blockage in the energy flow can be more closely identified by muscle testing. Acupressure massage, light touch and other simple correction skills are used to restore muscle which has a flow-on effect into total body energy.

By muscle testing, your body will indicate what is best for your, rather than the practitioner telling you what you need. Professional Kinesiology Practitioners look beyond symptoms to the cause of the problem. Energy balancing brings a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice - in sport, relationships, learning or coping with life generally.

We work with the mental, emotional and physical aspects that influences a person's reaction to life. The communication between the three sides is done via the meridian system. When the priority area of influence is dealt with correctly all the other components will change in an attempt to become more in balance.

Increasing the integration of these different components increases the Quality of Spirit of the person.


  •   I took part in Karina’s weigh loss workshop.  It turned out that a lot of my issues around my weight was hugely emotional issues I wasn’t aware of....


  •   I have joined Karina’s Shrink you Shadow group and I loved every moment. I lost 5kg in my first month, feeling great and motivated daily.   Karina...


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