Shrink your shadow



Shrink your Shadow






Do you struggle with your weight?


Are you fixated on your scale?


Are you obsessed with food?


Are you constantly on a diet but never lose anything?


Have you tried every diet possible with no success?


Have you spent a fortune on eating & exercise plans that didn’t work?




If you answered YES to any of the above questions but would like to answer NO,


then Shrink your Shadow is for you!



This unique weight loss modality will teach you the following:



• Awareness of why you are struggling to lose weight •


• How to change habits and beliefs that are holding you back •


• How to re-program your mind to transform your life •


• An easy formula for achieving the results you want •


• Practical tools to journey forward in a positive and supported way •


It will spark instant life changes because the reasons for your weight gain are addressed by powerful and exciting practical processes. You will never look at yourself in the same way. And we will have so much fun while doing it!


After years of personal struggle with weight loss, I found the winning recipe in years of Kinesiology and Integrated Healing studies. I have combined a holistic approach to weight loss which worked for me and will work for you!



It is definitely NOT a traditional approach to weight loss!



The price is a fraction of what you have spent on diets over the years and it runs over four 1 hour weekly group sessions and four one-on-one sessions, so there really is no excuse for not giving it a try. There’s a once off fee R400 for all group sessions, and you only pay R200 per individual session (at the time of the session). Valid until December 2014